Tour de France Athletes Are Not the Only Ones Who Benefit from Riding a Bike

Photo by the Associated Press.

You know summer is officially here when the best bicyclists in the world gather together in the sweltering heat of the French countryside to compete in the annual Tour de France.

Pedaling for more than 2,000 miles over a span of one month is a task for only the best of the best. Bicyclists who can survive those grueling uphill climbs are truly champions.

But riding a bicycle isn’t just for elite athletes. There are plenty of advantages the rest of us to bike to work, school, and everywhere else instead of driving a car. And these reasons are beneficial not only to your personal health, but to your community and environment as well.

1. Biking saves money.

Do you have to gas up every time you use your bike? Probably not. Unless you own a motorized bike, the only energy needed to ride a regular bicycle is your own. Think about how much money you can save on gas by not having to use any.

2. Biking can help relieve road congestion.

Fewer cars on the road means less traffic congestion. Less traffic means quicker commutes, fewer road accidents, and quieter living conditions. Noise pollution is a form of pollution that we don’t often think about.

3. Biking reduces air pollution.

Does pedaling your bike release harmful chemicals into the air? Of course not! Heavy concentrations of automobiles release benzene, cyanide, carbon monoxide and sulfates into the atmosphere while riding a bicycle does no such thing.

4. Biking is good exercise.

For most of us, we don’t live as active a lifestyle as we should. Sitting at our desks all day certainly doesn’t help! So why do the same while commuting to school or work? Biking is a great source of exercise that improves your cardiovascular endurance and strengthens your legs and core. Plus, getting more oxygen into your system never hurts. And if you do plan to ride your bike, keep yourself hydrated with one of Earthlust’s stainless steel BPA-free water bottles sold at Olive & Myrtle.

5. Biking helps your local community.

Having fewer cars and trucks on the road has another advantage: It helps your local community. Local city and state governments spend an enormous amount of money each year repairing streets across America. Reducing the number of automobiles we send out every day can alleviate the wear and tear these roads go through, which will save valuable taxpayer dollars.